Welcome to the Toowoomba Pistol Club.

The Toowoomba Pistol Club is affiliated with Pistol Shooting Queensland (trading as the Queensland Amateur Pistol Shooting Association Ltd), which is linked to Pistol Australia, which is the National Sporting Organisation for Pistol Shooting in Australia. This Pistol Australia affiliation gives a link to AISL (Australian International Shooting Ltd) – the peak body for shooting in Australia. These bodies primarily promote pistol shooting in Australia and are affiliated with various state and federal Olympic Councils and Shooting Associations together with International bodies, The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) The International Metallic Silhouette Shooting Union (IMSSU) The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) and World Association 1500. Through these bodies Australian shooters are able to compete in various matches in State, National, International, Commonwealth, World and Olympic events including the International Paralympic Committee (previously ISCD).

The Toowoomba Pistol Club currently has four individual ranges established, and a fifth currently under construction, for pistol and rifle shooting, although there are limitations set by the Queensland Police Weapons Branch as to calibres, muzzle energy and type. The general range of firearms fall between calibres of .177 (4.5mm) to .380 (9.65mm). Calibres up to .45 (11.44mm) can be used for practice purposes and a match known as “Single Action” or “Western Action”.

The T.P.C. regularly conducts a variety of different shooting disciplines and promotes interclub competition throughout the year with open and invitation shoots. Within two and one half hours driving (or less) of Toowoomba members can compete at over ten individual pistol clubs, most of which conduct regular weekly shoots and Open and State or National titles on a regular basis. The Club has Cert. IV Qualified Trainers and Assessors that are available to both member and non member, to assist in obtaining your Category A, B or H Weapons Licence. All Firearm training is carried out at our Helidon Range.

The T.P.C. currently has competition matches on Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and Wednesday night. Members may use the ranges at other times subject to certain by-laws of the “Club”.

The T.P.C. is happy to show prospective members over the club, discuss the many aspects of our activities and give them an opportunity to use a pistol on the range. An appointment for this is necessary by phoning the Secretary on 0438 178 723 with several days notice. You need to be over the age of 11 years, have no criminal history, be able to produce a form of photo I.D. and complete a Weapons Act “Form 33” to be eligible to handle a pistol on an approved pistol range.

See you at the Toowoomba Pistol Club!!